Thus, let us begin taking our very own closer explore Margaret, good

Thus, let us begin taking our very own closer explore Margaret, good

So instantly, we obtain the concept that she has lived-in Twin Highs for all off their particular lifestyle, at the least given that she is a little girl. Compliment of their particular detailed knowledge of it, she molded a kind of closeness with the trees, and you can learned some of the secrets. Yet not, she including says that there are several things she “must not say,” then delivers the brand new viewers’ awareness of that their unique fire place are boarded up, so there won’t be a fire in there. Of course, fire, in Dual Peaks, is virtually similar to BOB. Therefore exactly what performed she learn from new woods? Maybe she was aware of the brand new comings and you may goings away from Dugpas? Performed she possibly meet BOB? We’re not considering any actual facts one she performed, however, their unique partner most likely keeps.

She states you to definitely “fire ‘s the devil, covering up like a beneficial coward on cig

The new Journal Woman demonstrates to you, inside the equipment, exactly how their own husband, good logger, try slain into the a flames from the woods the day immediately following their marriage. It absolutely was “not a friendly flames.” This is why, she’s a-deep concern about flames. ” One-night, before their dying, their unique partner introduced a jar out of scorched motor oil, and you will informed her it actually was “a hole to a gateway.” He might features obtained this throughout the trees, or he may was in fact providing it to your woods, as an alternative. Anyway, any he had been carrying out into the oils must have started what caused his meeting with “the latest demon.” Most likely, he was seeking to discover the latest portal toward Black colored Resorts, for some reason, and you may seemingly have succeeded. About Hotel emerged BOB, exactly who killed the brand new logger with fire.

It can be whenever his passing, the fresh Log Lady’s partner became trapped regarding the Black colored Resorts, or otherwise inserted which domain for the spirit function. A greatest concept states that he is among the many lumberjacks seen over the store into the Fire Walk With me.

The lumberjack (starred because of the Jurgen Prochnow) viewed above the store having BOB, Mrs. Chalfont, as well as the People out-of Other Set. Is it the Record Lady’s husband?

Just, possibly he wasn’t thinking about making this pact having evil, because Earle try thinking about undertaking

If this is the brand new Record Lady’s partner, it ways certain fascinating some thing: First, they implies that the guy performs a bigger part than simply we could possibly believe. In lieu of becoming a hapless logger who was about incorrect set at the wrong go out, he could be a smart guy otherwise an enthusiastic occultist having great expertise in brand new woods in addition to goings-on therein. Most likely, their meeting with BOB are deliberate. Could he was basically attempting to make a treaty into Lodge beings, the same as what Windom Earle try undertaking? Perhaps he wanted to deal with the Hotel beings managed for additional info on him or her, and use that recommendations certainly.

Another well-known theory is that the Record Lady’s partner are into the the brand new record you to she offers. Considering new future Josie fulfilled as a result of BOB, this will make an abundance of feel. It seems that for the Dual Highs, wood can be utilized because a beneficial receptacle having spirits. Spot the title away from a significant spot out-of woods around: Ghostwood. One to in the figures it, doesn’t it? If we know that Josie was involved regarding the wood out of the good Northern Lodge once being slain by BOB, it just looks reasonable to close out the Diary Lady’s husband might have become caught up from the timber off the regional tree. Most likely, BOB come upon him throughout the tree, while he is cutting timber, slain your, and perhaps swept up his spirit in one of the logs one is actually abandoned. The newest Log Lady, having a deep connection to brand new woods, were able to feel that it, and got this new log together with her. By way of they, he can psychically talk to their unique, bringing their particular which have essential recommendations, hence she entry onto the appropriate provider.