Learn about Solar Photovoltaics (PV) System Design, Installation and Maintenance through our comprehensive three days training occurring three times a year in March, July and November.

The training covers topics in:

  1. Basics of electricity in relation to solar PV systems
  2. Audit of energy consumption and load profile
  3. Major solar PV components – solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, battery bank
  4. Protective devices in solar PV systems
  5. Design and sizing of solar PV components
  6. Installation of solar PV system
  7. Diagnosis of system faults
  8. Maintenance of solar PV system
  9. Behavior-based safety


  • Possibility of retention of top performers in the program
  • A conducive learning environment in the heart of Lagos mainland
  • Transport to installation sites
  • Provision of lunch for the training days
  • Provision of certificates to participants upon satisfactory completion


To express interest, please register by clicking on the enroll button:  Registered individuals will be contacted with further information.