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Our Services

Energy Audit

We deploy where necessary, our energy logging tools to capture typical client energy requirements in real-time. This analysis, together with the configuration of the system desired, informs the sizes of different components that will be included in the design.

Product Sales

We provide our clients and prospective clients with a variety of quality solar products which are designed to give you the best value for your money. Check out our inventory of powerful solar inverters, batteries, charge controllers, and other components that help you get the best electricity.

System Installation

From our wide range of products and offerings from our partners, we select the right products for your system that will give the results envisioned. Our installations follow the right practices to ensure safe system operation and prolonged system life.

Installmental Payment plans and loans

Financing for loans and installmental payments available for employees of select partner corporate organisations or through our financial partners.

Solar Energy remains a stress free, cheaper and environmentally friendly form of power generation, especially when compared to diesel and petrol generators, and the convenience and certainty of power makes it a reliable backup or alternative to electricity from public utilities, since there are almost never any monthly running costs.
Some may however find it challenging to pay the initial set up costs at once. Mainland Power has entered into partnerships with trusted and reliable financial institutions who can work out loans and installmental payment plans to help you enjoy Solar services from Mainland Solar immediately