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Mainland Solar is a fast-growing provider of solar energy solutions in Lagos, Nigeria. Our driving force is to solve the problem of poor supply of electricity by supplying our clients with affordable solar power products and professional installation services. Our target is to be the number one solar energy company in Nigeria, supplying green energy facilities to households and corporate entities across the country

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Mainland Solar is your number one choice for affordable and reliable solar energy. We help resolve the perennial problems of the Nigerian power sector. We do this by helping run your home or business on solar energy. Whether you’re a family home looking for an off-grid solution or an industrial complex with high energy needs, Mainland provides quality solar systems that are customised to you.

Energy Audt

Our energy audit involves a comprehensive analysis of a prospective client load to understand the nature of the solar Photovoltaic (PV) system

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Our solar system products are sourced from reliable manufacturers and they will give you the best value for your money.

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With our wide range of products and our highly qualified and motivated Engineers, Technicians and other team members, you can be confident of the right products, professional installation and the uninterrupted power supply you deserve.

System Installation

From our wide range of products and with offerings from our partners, we select the right products for your system that will give the results envisioned.

Solar Audit

We are available every day of the week to attend to your needs and providing adequate support and maintenance to prevent under-performance

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Within 7 business days of the site Audit, It is the 19th today, so before the end of the month, if the Audit can be done tomorrow or Monday. They will reach out for information on accessing the site, and evaluating the electrical appliances.

The Audit/feasibility study should be done within an hour for the client, but is usually 2 days for the team (travelling to and from the site), preparing the report and project cost/budget. The installation is usually 2 days at the site and about 3 -4 days for the team. They drop the materials and start on day 1, and usually conclude on the 2nd day. There is usually a day or two needed to gather and buy all the materials and transport to the storage, and then the client site.

A 30K payment is made before the Audit, and this covers the Audit and the report. After the Audit, installation will happen once the payment for the project is made, and the project is completed within 2 business days (with just 2 of these days on site).