In the event the she turned down the brand new offer, brand new girl carry out expose the svats which have a good pumpkin

In the event the she turned down the brand new offer, brand new girl carry out expose the svats which have a good pumpkin

At the time if svats was claiming their mission, the fresh girl is actually allowed to be condition by pich (a variety of a cooking stove and you will a heating setting up) and you can silently approaching the latest forefathers with a consult so you’re able to bless the fresh new wedding.

If she accepted the wedding proposition, she’d supply the svats much time padded towels that they create used to safeguards the arms and you will chests because the sashes.

In the event your earliest phase of your svatannya was successful, the following phase, ohlyadyny and thus inspection first started. The latest bride’s moms and dads went to the fresh bridegroom’s family for an excellent a look around and make certain that he managed to service his spouse.

The brand new bridegroom’s mothers visited this new bride’s parents’ domestic, and in the current presence of their moms and dads, the fresh new bride and you can bridegroom launched the intent to obtain hitched. Usually, at like meetings, the fresh village elder is actually present and you will carry out wind an enthusiastic padded towel around the betrothed hand.

The mother and father upcoming privileged its college students, and you may gift suggestions was in fact replaced. Or no of your activities in it stated some time following zaruchyny that they would not go-ahead on marriage, they might have to pay a fine “having ultimately causing an offense.”

New bridegroom’s mother walked your on the door of its home, blessing your and you will throwing grains otherwise brief gold coins over him

It took two weeks involving the zaruchyny and vesillya (wedding). The bride is supposed to build good wreath off herbs and you will colorful ribbons so when she appeared in societal, she must use it.

Week-end was the preferred day’s a wedding. To the Saturday, the fresh korovay (huge loaf from cash) is cooked and given to the happy couple, along with other ritual biscuits and you can cakes.

The process of korovay and make is actually followed closely by relationships audio. Throughout the Land out of Halychyna, a figurine out of baran (ram) produced from cash is actually presented to the newest newly weds. Which baran try a symbolic replacement off a bona fide animal one had previously been sacrificed at wedding parties about pagan moments. Regarding Carpathians, instead of the baran, one or two geese created from money were showed.

The newest korovay demonstration service are performed of the ladies who was indeed cheerful and pleased within their marriages, zero solitary girls or widows was in fact allowed to participate in the newest presentation.

Also with the Friday, the latest vesilne hiltse “wedding routine tree” was decorated regarding the bride’s house. It actually was an effective sapling or a huge department that bridegroom needed to cut and you may bring to his fiancee’s household. This tree symbolized brand new Forest out-of Existence, and you will was decorated because of the bride’s mothers or even the second away from kin, otherwise girls, friends of your bride-to-be, which have multicolored ribbons and purple berries.

During the bridesmaid bath for the Tuesday nights through to the wedding, new girls who were introduce at group would wear wreaths made from periwinkle or myrtle and therefore displayed virginity and you will love.

Brand new bride-to-be loosened their braids (if the she got an elder-brother, he would unbraid their own) due to the fact a gesture out of farewell to her single lifetime. From inside the routine titled posad, that was performed you to definitely nights, new bride try led to new chervony (“beautiful”) part on the biggest area of the house where in actuality the signs was basically demonstrated and in which she paid off emblematic honor so you’re able to their own ancestors.

Toward Saturday, the fresh bride to be along with read review her members of the family and the bridegroom together with family departed alone within the village having cash welcoming visitors to come to their marriage.


On Sunday, brand new molody (bridegroom and therefore practically mode the young that) was to see his bride’s house and perform wade in order to chapel together.